Big 4 Survivor

Have You Survived the Big 4?

A couple of days ago, I was laughing at some accounting humor memes about working for a Big 4 accounting firm. But after a good laugh, I felt a bit of empathy. So I created this Big 4 Survivor design.

Disclaimer – I have never worked for a Big 4 Firm. I am just not cut out for that. In fact, when I was studying for my CPA exams, I stopped and decided not to take them, because I knew I’d rather work as an Artist! I still also work as an Accountant and do go through busy seasons, but not on the level of someone working for a big four accounting firm.

So if you are a survivor, whether currently or in the past, of a career working for one of the Big 4 firms, you can now commemorate your survival skills with a personalized mug, ornament or art print!

Big 4 Survivor Mug:

Big 4 Survivor Mug for Accountants by The Office Art Guy
Big 4 Survivor Mug for Accountants, with Personalization Option

Big 4 Survivor Ornament:

Big 4 Survivor Ornament Gift for Accountants by The Office Art Guy
Big 4 Survivor Ornament Gift for Accountants

Big 4 Survivor Art Print:

big 4 survivor art print for accountants
Big 4 Survivor Accountant Art Print

Big 4 Survivor Birch Wood Wall Art:

Big 4 Survivor Birch Wood Art Print for Accountants by The Office Art Guy
Big 4 Survivor Birch Wood Wall Art Print

Email Comic Art – Inbox Cleaning Crew

Most of us know the overwhelming feeling that can accompany the simple act of looking at one’s inbox. You open it up and see multiple unread messages waiting for your replies, other messages that could stand to be organized into neat folders, and old messages that are ready to be trashed! Does that sound familiar?

Do not fear, the Email Inbox Cleaning Crew is here!

email comic, fun office wall art, funny office art, office art print, the office art guy
Email Inbox Cleaning Crew Art Print

“Bee Organized” with the bee team that places your emails into folders!

“Reply to Everyone at Once” with the magical spell of a witch!

“Take out the Trash!” with a superhero kick of old messages right into the trash can!

The art print above is available in multiple sizes and is printed on beautiful, archival fine art paper.

This email comic art is also available as a birch wood panel print, if that is your preference!

office wall art, funny office art print, the office art guy
Email Inbox Cleaning Crew Birch Wood Panel

Or as a mug for your office collection!

funny mug for work, mug for office,
Email Inbox Cleaning Crew Mug

Accounting Juice

A few years ago, on a summer afternoon home with my kids, I found myself drinking out of a kids juice box.

The kind of 80’s/90’s type of juice box that I used to drink out of when I was a kid. It brought back memories of Hi-C, Squeez-It, and Juicy Juice.

But this was a different brand with organic juice and sugar, rather than the artificial sweeteners of my childhood. At least many of us adults have made some nutritional improvements to our kids’ diets as compared to when we were kids! A glass of structured water with lemon would be much better than sugary juice, but hey, at least it’s not Kool-Aid.

Anyways! After recalling these memories, I surely must have been thinking about my accounting work. Because I then came up with this in my mind, which I painted shortly after:

accounting art print, accountant poster, accounting poster, the office art guy
Accounting Juice Art Print

This neatly boxed juice is “Accounting Juice”.

Accounting Juice is “the balanced drink for accountants”, is “quality assured”, “IRS-approved”, and “high in vitamins P&L!” It is made with carefully crafted ingredients such as Cash Concentrate, Budget Berries, and W2 Water. Also, don’t forget to depreciate after opening!

Spruce up your accountant office decor by purchasing this Accounting Juice art print here!

Mail Carrier Thank You Gifts

Thank goodness that the postal services here in the United States are almost always reliable (yes, there are times of exception).

Imagine if they were not? I know what that is like, as I lived in rural Costa Rica for two and a half years.

The postal service there did a decent job, but it was not nearly as reliably consistent as here in the U.S. Looking at the flip side of that though, one does not rely as much on the postal service there, and it is a very different type of society, that is, in general, more closely knit.

However, most of us depend on consistent mail delivery here! I, for one, am grateful for how reliable our mail lady is.

Thank your mail carrier with these newly designed gifts!

mail carrier thank you postcard
Postal Carrier Thank You Postcard
USPS Mail Carrier Thank You Card
USPS Mail Carrier Thank You Mug Gift

God Bless Donuts and Coffee

First, I rarely eat donuts, and typically only drink organic pour-over coffees that I make at home each morning. But one Sunday morning, several years ago, we bought a dozen donuts. That morning, I enjoyed the heck out of the donuts and a cup of coffee. Then, with that energy of enjoyment, I painted this “God Bless Donuts and Coffee” art.

Plus, it’s National Doughnut Week! Which brought back memories of when I used to work in an office and a coworker would bring in donuts for everyone to eat, which immediately put a pep in everyone’s step!

donut art, coffee art, doughnut art, office art, kitchen art
God Bless Donuts and Coffee Art Print

I.T. To The Rescue!

When your computer crashes, when your website is down, when your phone screen is cracked, and when the fax machine stops working for when you need to send a fax to that one government agency, stuck in the 1990’s, that will only accept a fax, you need someone to come to the rescue!

IT Mug Information Technology
I.T. To The Rescue Personalized Superhero Mug

Have no fear, I.T. is here!

When this happens to you, show your I.T. person how grateful you are by gifting them this personalized Information Technology superhero mug!

First Coffee (or Tea), Then Payroll

Recently, I temporarily took over running payroll for a client, during a period of staffing changes. Wanting to be sure that everything was correct before submitting it for processing, given that there had been many recent changes, I double checked everything: federal withholdings, state withholdings, insurance deductions, pay rates, vacation balances, pro-rated pay for new employees, allocation of time per project, etc., etc. Oh boy, I needed a coffee. Can you relate?

payroll office art print by the office art guy
First Coffee, Then Payroll Art Print

This particular “First Coffee, Then Payroll” print made its debut in 2018 with a big bang, as a multi-national payroll provider ordered 1,000 of these prints to send out for their client gift packages!

If tea is more your thing, there is this “First Tea, Then Payroll” art print:

payroll office art print by The Office Art Guy
First Tea, Then Payroll Art Print

Both of these are also available as prints on beautiful birch wood panels that come ready to hang up on your office wall, in sizes 8″ x 10″, 11″ x14″ and 12″ x 16″!

first coffee then payroll birch wood wall art by the office art guy
First Coffee, Then Payroll – Birch Wood Wall Art
payroll wall art birch wood by The Office Art Guy
First Tea, Then Payroll – Birch Wood Wall Art

I Turn Coffee Into Tax Returns

Typically I turn coffee into enough energy to keep up with work and three energetic kids during the day. But, during March and April of each year, I, and many other Accountants, do turn coffee into tax returns. It works something like how the painting below shows:

Tax Office Art by The Office Art Guy
I Turn Coffee Into Tax Returns Art Print

This painting was originally commissioned for a mug design by Property Tax Partners, a property tax firm in Texas.

When thinking of how to turn the phrase “I Turn Coffee Into Tax Returns” into a painting, I was inspired by the creative gadgets in one of the Despicable Me movies (especially the fart blaster). Rather than fart blaster, though, I made it a tax return blaster, blasting out 1040’s, 1065’s, 1120’s, and Schedule C’s!