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My greatest joy in life has always been creating art. I ignored this true calling when I went to college and studied Accounting and Spanish, to get a “good” job and a stable career. Sensing that I didn’t want to sit in an office all day in front of a computer, I joined the Peace Corps after graduating and worked in rural Costa Rica for 2 1/2 years. While working in Community Economic Development (in a small cloud-forest village that was already flush with non-monetary wealth!), I also spent a lot of time co-creating murals around the community. Then, I came back and started sitting in offices all day! After several years of this, I was becoming more and more miserable, as I wasn’t living the life that I wanted to. One day when driving home from my accounting job, funny work-related painting ideas started to come to me. In a flurry of artistic inspiration, I made several paintings and put them up for sale online. When someone first bought one, I felt elated! A few years later, I quit my job and started my own accounting business so that I could have a flexible schedule, while continuing to grow my art business. As a Dad of 3 kids, this arrangement worked beautifully, and I now work both as an Artist and an Accountant.

Sharing my artistic creations, whether art for your office or a design on a memorable gift item, is what I love to do. Many of my artworks draw from my accounting background, but since my life experiences and interests expand far beyond just accounting work, I also create designs for other professions, as well as more general designs.

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office art for accountants, accounting art print
Balance the Books Accountant Art Print
Project Management Professional PMP Mug Pmp'n Ain't Easy
PMP’N AIN’T EASY Project Management Professional Mug
Mug Gift for passing CPA Exams
human resources office art print
I Love It When You Speak HR To Me Art Print
Accountant Art Print Biggie
No Need To Worry My Accountant Handles That, Biggie Art Print
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