Accounting Juice

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A few years ago, on a summer afternoon home with my kids, I found myself drinking out of a kids juice box.

The kind of 80’s/90’s type of juice box that I used to drink out of when I was a kid. It brought back memories of Hi-C, Squeez-It, and Juicy Juice.

But this was a different brand with organic juice and sugar, rather than the artificial sweeteners of my childhood. At least many of us adults have made some nutritional improvements to our kids’ diets as compared to when we were kids! A glass of structured water with lemon would be much better than sugary juice, but hey, at least it’s not Kool-Aid.

Anyways! After recalling these memories, I surely must have been thinking about my accounting work. Because I then came up with this in my mind, which I painted shortly after:

accounting art print, accountant poster, accounting poster, the office art guy
Accounting Juice Art Print

This neatly boxed juice is “Accounting Juice”.

Accounting Juice is “the balanced drink for accountants”, is “quality assured”, “IRS-approved”, and “high in vitamins P&L!” It is made with carefully crafted ingredients such as Cash Concentrate, Budget Berries, and W2 Water. Also, don’t forget to depreciate after opening!

Spruce up your accountant office decor by purchasing this Accounting Juice art print here!

Published by Artist Dave White

I'm an Artist in Ashburn, Virginia. You can find my artwork at,, and

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